Address General James M. Gavin Power Plant
7397 North State Route 7
Cheshire, Ohio 45620

PO Box 271
Cheshire, Ohio 45620

Owner American Electric Power
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215
  Type Coal-fired power plant consists of two identical units.
Each unit has a smokestack and cooling tower.
  Generating Capacity 2600 megawatts, enough for 2 million customers.
The largest facility in Ohio.
One of the largest in the world.
  Stack Height 830 feet each
  Cooling Tower Height 492 feet each
  Date Built 1975, completed
  Coal burned/day 25,000 tons at full capacity
Coal burned/year 15 billion pounds (or 7.5 million tons) at full capacity
  Pollution Control Devices Selective Catalytic Reduction Units (SCRs)
Flue Gas Desulfurization units (scrubbers)
Low NOx burners.
  # of Employees 380
  Annual Payroll $20 million

Source & Storage

A mine in the neighboring Meigs county partially supplied Gavin with coal. This mine shut down in 1999/2000.

Today, barges on the Ohio River deliver the necessary coal. Up to 2.7 million tons of coal are stored in Gavin's facilities.

(Toxic Release Inventory
Government Reports that detail toxic releases to the environment.

Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfuric Acid
Sulfur Trioxide

For more information on chemical/toxic releases, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency website.

Environmental Release Report,
The Environmental Scorecard for the Zip Code 45620, Gavin's location
Air Releases
For the region surrounding the Gavin plant
  EPA Region 5

For purposes of evaluating and measuring air releases, the Gavin power plant falls into this region as designated by the EPA.

Sources: American Electric Power Gavin Factsheet & EPA, 2003